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 Stand By Me

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PostSubject: Stand By Me   Stand By Me Icon_minitimeFri Sep 14, 2007 12:24 pm

If you like pop rock that kinda has a 50's and 60's sound then you will LOVE Stand By Me!!!!
They don't have an album out...YET. They are in the middle of recording it now!!
I've seen them once live and then just bumped into them at random places a couple of times and they are such nice guys!
They're from Edmonton, AB and if you want to check them out and hear some of their music check out...


They're songs on their profile aren't professionally recorded and it sounds like they're far away but honestly, when I saw them live they sound 10X better!!
There's a couple videos of them live on their myspace page so watching that would be better haha

But yess...check them out!!!!!
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Stand By Me
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